Summer Picnics Caricature Artists

Looking for fun & unique entertainment for your summer picnic?

Summer Picnic Caricature artists

Book a caricature artist for your summer picnic today! Book an Artist


Caricature artists draw amusing and lovable caricatures of your guests.

Everyone gets a good laugh and many go home with a memorable keepsake.

Your family and friends will love to hang out nearby and watch as our caricature artists draw their friends and relatives.

With over 250 artists available nationwide, Goofy Faces has artists available to draw at your trade show no matter where it takes place.

Find an artist instantly in our online directory. Pick an artist and our system will notify the artist immediately so you will know as soon as possible if they are available.

How about hiring one of our eSketch™ artists who can draw your guests live in digital format in color!

Do you have questions? Call us at 1-886-866-6640.


Customer Testimonials:

The artwork was amazing and the kids loved it! A nice change from spray-on tattoos!!!! — Alyssa H

So many of the parents that had their kids’ caricatures done commented how much they LOVED them this year. The artist really did accurate drawings that looked really cute. — Sian L

The artist was very professional and friendly. Everyone at the party had a great time and he was a huge hit. — Nancy S

Our artists arrived early, began early, and even stayed late to make sure everyone who wanted a picture was able to get one. Thanks! — Elisha R

Book a caricature artist for your summer picnic today! Book an Artist
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