It’s Wedding Time…Make 2021 the Year of the Best Wedding Ever!

By Bryon Scott | July 28, 2021 | Comments Off on It’s Wedding Time…Make 2021 the Year of the Best Wedding Ever!

It’s Wedding Season! Make your 2021 Wedding the Best Ever!


Congratulations, the moment has finally happened! You’ve said yes and you’re looking forward to spending the rest of your life with your soulmate!

For many years planning a wedding has been relatively smooth sailing after someone pops the question. Engaged couples have had websites, apps, family, and friends on standby to help plan their big day. After the past year, the playbook for planning the celelbration went out the window. Couples were postponing weddings, reinventing them virtually, and hosting the ceremony and reception months apart.

Couples who have postponed their weddings for weeks, months, or over a year are very excited for the return of wedding season! And it’s time to celebrate by hiring all the entertainment you’re going to need to celebrate this extra special day. WeddingWire recently shared the importance of hiring unique entertainment to be a part of your big day (our favorite recommendation was to hire a caricature artist!) Goofy Faces artists are experienced in bringing smiles, laughter, and entertainment to the newly married couple and their guests. Whether it is attending your happy hour, reception, or both, we don’t take up too much space but will fill the evening with memories and keepsakes for years to come.

Rather than postponing their wedding, some engaged couples have had to reinvent what the big day looks like. Weekday weddings are trending and many couples are taking advantage of it. Goofy Faces has over 500 artists nationwide and can be booked on weekdays. Just like a weekend celebration, our artists offer the same services during the week. That means that everyone gets a bag with each caricature to protect them and the bride and groom are still able to take cuts to the front of the line to get their live caricature drawn in minutes.


Hosting a reception months after getting married is still a huge celebration. Bringing your family and friends together for the first time in months is exciting and needs to be remembered. Goofy Faces can draw each of your family members individually or as couples while the rest of your family enjoys watching each drawing take shape!

Now that the 2021 wedding season has officially upon us, Goofy Faces artists are excited to be a part of your day. Our team is quick and easy to book and you’ll receive a response from us within 24 hours. Cannot get much quicker than that!

Worried about the costs? We’ve got you covered! We installed an easy-to-use wedding artists cost calculator on our Goofy Faces Website. Feel free to visit our site for more information in regards to booking an artist for your big day. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (248) 652-8910!

Don’t just take it from us, here’s what some of our amazing Goofy Faces clients have said about our artists!

Angela from Southgate, Michigan said. “Both artists were amazingly talented and genuinely nice people. We enjoyed having them at our event and would hire them again in a second.”

Elisha R. said, “Our artists arrived early, began early, and even stayed late to make sure everyone who wanted a picture was able to get one. Thanks!”

Lastly, J.D. from Lawrence, Kansas said, “We were absolutely in love with our artist. She was fast, friendly, and efficient. We received many requests to bring her to our future events and the fee was extremely reasonable. I would book from Goofy Faces again in a heartbeat!”

Each and every artist that we employ loves what they do and want to make sure that your event is a memorable experience. Invite us to your wedding. We look forward to celebrating with you soon!


Create Lasting Memories at Family and Friend Reunions with a Caricature Artist… or Two.

By Bryon Scott | June 25, 2021 | Comments Off on Create Lasting Memories at Family and Friend Reunions with a Caricature Artist… or Two.

2020 was a year that most will never forget. Zoom calls, Facetiming, and socially distanced outdoor gatherings were the new norm. Luckily, those days are waning, and terms like mask-up and “stay home, stay safe” are firmly in the rear-view mirror. According to the CDC guidelines, families and friends can begin to gather again!

Now more than ever, we look forward to reuniting with our loved ones after what seems like forever and the best way to kick off the summer season is by having a family reunion or picnic. Whether your 2021 reunion is in person, virtual, or a 50/50 split, making the day memorable and fun is extremely important this year! 

Seeing your loved ones for the first time in person is long overdue! And having Goofy Faces as a part of your celebration will offer live in-person entertainment, provide laughs and smiles, and give all guests a special keepsake to remember the day for years to come. Our artists are just as excited as your guests to get back to doing what they love! Whether you’re looking for a traditional caricature drawing, live eSketches™, face painting, or caricature coaster we have you covered. Goofy Faces has over 500 artists nationwide and they are easy to book on our website. Best of all, our artists can compile the sketches into a group caricature!

A family reunion group caricature

A family reunion group caricature

Once you’ve booked your artist(s), we’ve got you covered. Our artists bring with them everything they need and will happily set up in the area most convenient for your party.

Having virtual reunions are still popular and we are here for it! Goofy Faces is flexible to work with and can join your zoom party or can host the party for you. Our artists are skilled and experienced in creating digital caricatures or eSketches™(even before 2020). Your artist can draw each guest, one at a time, or two together as a couple. After your Zoom Party, Goofy Faces can even compile a group caricature of all your guests for an additional fee. Goofy Faces can join for the entire party or just for a specific timeframe to entertain guests and provide memorable gifts. They can even host your virtual party on Zoom if you like!

Seeing your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, siblings, children, and friends are precious moments that need to be captured more than ever. Goofy Faces is here to help you create lasting memories for all whether it is seeing your family reconnect in person or virtually.

Please contact us today for more information on how we can help you celebrate this special time or visit our artist registry to see rates and availability.

Get the best Group Caricature – Do’s & Don’ts for success!

By Bryon Scott | May 12, 2021 | Comments Off on Get the best Group Caricature – Do’s & Don’ts for success!

Do you have a special occasion, anniversary, product launch, team achievement or retirement you want to commemorate with a fun, custom-designed, group caricature? With over 35 years of experience in illustration, corporate branding and design, Goofy Faces will create a unique and memorable piece of art for your team or family.

Good photos to send

Like most artists these days, we do not have an art studio that is open to the public. However, if you are nearby one of our retail art stands like the ones we have at Los Angeles Zoo, Denver Zoo, Aquarium of the Pacific, The Florida Aquarium, St. Pete Pier or The National Zoo, you can drop by to be drawn live and in color by one of our talented artists while you wait. The next best thing to drawing live is to draw your group from photos. It’s important to have good, current, well-lit images.

A lot goes in to creating the artwork, so providing the best quality photos up front really helps make the process go smoother and helps keep your project on time.

What makes a good photo for your group caricature?

Here are some expert Do’s and Don’ts to help you pick the best photos to send so we give you the best end result! (more…)

Are Virtual Trade Shows Absolutely Here to Stay?

By Bryon Scott | April 11, 2021 | Comments Off on Are Virtual Trade Shows Absolutely Here to Stay?

Can you still be in business if you don’t meet your customers?

We are all anticipating the return to in-person events. Yet some predict that virtual trade shows and corporate events will become the norm – not the exception – in the post-pandemic world. Very likely we will see many events and trade shows offer a ‘hybrid’ format with both in-person and virtual options for attendees.

For business to thrive companies will still need to connect with and engage prospects in fun, unique and memorable ways. This is true whether you go all in for in person, or you stay completely virtual, or you do a combination of both.

See Is Zoom the Best Platform for Virtual Events? (more…)

3 Fun Easter Celebrations from Around the World

By Bryon Scott | March 12, 2021 | Comments Off on 3 Fun Easter Celebrations from Around the World

Around the world and close to home Easter celebrations have many fun options!

Spring is in the air and that means Easter and other spring holidays are just around the corner. With the pandemic still looming, and some communities easing restrictions more than others, it’s important to stay safe while still celebrating the Easter holiday with your family and friends.

Two girls at an Easter Celebration or First Communion party showing traditional caricatures on sepia paper.

Make Easter and First Communion celebrations fun and memorable with caricature art.

Here are a few fun Easter celebration traditions from around the world, and some from closer to home that we think you’ll enjoy. As you plan your Easter observance this year, think about what elements you will include and how you will celebrate and remember this special day.

Easter Celebrations with Kites

When someone tells you to Go Fly a Kite – go to Bermuda at Easter! If you happen to be in Bermuda on Good Friday, look up, you’re likely to see thousands of colorful, handmade kites. Legend has it that the tradition began as a way to explain to school children about a soul’s ascension to Heaven.

Easter Celebrations with Fireworks!


Celebrating Love – Proposals, Engagement Parties and Weddings

By Bryon Scott | February 18, 2021 | Comments Off on Celebrating Love – Proposals, Engagement Parties and Weddings
Two People Caricature engagement parties

Caricatures make virtual engagement parties fun!

February is the Month of Love!

According to, Valentine’s Day is the #5 most popular day to get engaged, after Christmas Day, the day after Christmas, New Year’s Day and the Sunday before Christmas.

On average, more marriage proposals happen in the weeks from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day than at any other time of year.

Once the engagement happens, then the planning fun begins! With the pandemic still looming, it’s likely many events will still be held virtually.  Proposal parties, engagement parties, wedding showers and even the weddings themselves will probably have a virtual component if not held entirely online.

Proposals, Engagement Parties and Weddings Go Virtual

Today’s technology means you can still include all your family and friends from near and far in your celebration! At Goofy Faces, we have the perfect entertainment that your guests will love. (more…)

Is Zoom the Best Platform for Virtual Events? A Look at 8 Options

By Bryon Scott | January 26, 2021 |

With many conferencing platforms available, which is best for your upcoming virtual program?

Here at Goofy Faces, we know a lot about Zoom parties. Even before COVID our caricature artists were frequently drawing live, digital caricatures we call eSketches™ for virtual events on Zoom.

Zoom screenshare digital caricature drawing for virtual events

A caricature artist brings the fun to your virtual events!

Zoom is no longer the only game in town! Today there are many options to gather with family, friends and colleagues and customers online.  Since last March, our artists have been the featured entertainment at more than 100 virtual events! From birthday parties and grad parties to baby showers or retirement gatherings to employee appreciation events, virtual trade shows and team building events, we now have experience with many of the virtual meeting platforms available.

Online Programs Connect Us

Here’s a brief overview of some of the more popular video conferencing programs commonly used for virtual events, and when to incorporate fun, engaging caricature art into your events and celebrations! (more…)

Tips for your 2020 Holiday Party – have fun!

By Bryon Scott | November 20, 2020 |

In the past several years, Goofy Faces caricature artists have been the featured entertainment at dozens of family and company holiday parties. We were gaining quite a reputation as holiday party experts! In fact, this time of year we usually publish our favorite Holiday Party Planning Tips. See below for our tips as revised to reflect the realities of 2020 where some events will be in person and some will be online.


These Two Companies Used Live Digital Caricatures to Promote their Brand

By Bryon Scott | October 22, 2020 |

Goofy Faces caricature artists add fun and flair to your corporate event – even at a distance!

How do you get people excited about attending your virtual corporate event or online user convention when the last thing they want to do is sit in front of a computer all day…again? Hire Goofy Faces to draw live, digital caricatures we call eSketches™! Companies have been using caricatures to build their brand for years, why stop now?

Success – Branding with Digital Caricatures

Hire a Goofy Faces artist to draw themed caricatures two days BEFORE you go live to get attendees excited about your event! (more…)

Talented and Quick – Goofy Faces Artists Bring the Fun!

By Robert Bauer | August 9, 2020 |
Wedding caricature of couple with masks

Keeping everyone safe at a wedding celebration, the artist draws from 6′ away.

Being in the event and entertainment business, our main goal is to make people smile. Throughout the stay-at-home orders, and even now as our favorite venues start to re-open, Goofy Faces caricature artists continue to delight and entertain – online or in person at weddings, birthdays and other celebrations. Either way we help make your event special, memorable and fun as we draw from a safe distance!


But don’t take our word for it. Here are some recent reviews from Zoom parties and outdoor events.

Caricature Artists Create Memorable Weddings, Birthdays and Baby Showers


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