Creating Back to School Memories for the Next Generation

Creating Back to School Memories for the Next Generation

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Back-to-school event review!

It starts with the commercials on TV about school supplies and clothing deals, welcome letters from new teachers about back-to-school night, and the changes in the weather that remind us the 2021-2022 school year is quickly approaching. Do you remember the feeling of being a kid growing up with your favorite school supplies from the 70s, 80s, or 90s?

Now it’s our turn to watch our children and grandchildren create the same memories and feelings about back to school. But this year back to school is going to be even more special than we remember! Students, families, and staff will be coming together to build their community for the upcoming school year after a year of being apart. Countries all over the world start the school year with different traditions to create memories and build their communities.

Back to School In Germany

Since the early 19th century Germany has loved to make back-to-school sweet! The most important tradition is on the first day of school for each child to receive a Schultüte. Translated, it means “school bag” but it’s actually a cone-shaped package with school supplies and treats for the upcoming school year. Either the school gives them to the children or parents can purchase them at a local store.

In Russia

“Day of Knowledge” is how Russia starts the new school year. It’s not just for students either! Students and parents gather outside of the school and give teachers colorful bouquets of fresh flowers and students receive a colorful balloon in return!

In India

In India, the first day of school is called Pravesanolsavam. Children receive special presents to mark the occasion. One of the most popular gifts besides school supplies is to receive an umbrella because when the school year begins, it’s during the monsoon months.

In the United States

Now booking back-to-school events!

Now booking back-to-school events!

Back to school in the United States fills our calendars with busy schedules of college move-in day, freshman orientation, back-to-school night, after-school programs, sporting events, fall festivals, welcome week, homecoming dances, and more! Capturing these moments after a year of unprecedented times is more important than ever because many went without any physical memories of the previous school year.

As an event planner, we suggest adding a Goofy Faces artist to your event to capture memories and create laughter. Everyone will receive a keepsake that they can have forever. Whether you want an individual picture or you want to do a group picture, we’ve got you covered!

The cost of our artists varies on the type of artwork, the number of guests, and the time frame. But don’t let that deter you. Goofy Faces excels in school. For more information visit or call 248-652-8910. We installed an easy-to-use wedding artists cost calculator on our Goofy Faces Website. Feel free to visit our site for more information in regards to booking an artist!

No matter how you’re starting this school year, with in-person or virtual learning, it’s important to create a tradition that will give the children exciting memories when starting a new school year.

Don’t just take it from us, here’s what some of our amazing Goofy Faces clients have said about our artists!

Angela from Southgate, Michigan said. “Both artists were amazingly talented and genuinely nice people. We enjoyed having them at our event and would hire them again in a second.”

Elisha R. said, “Our artists arrived early, began early, and even stayed late to make sure everyone who wanted a picture was able to get one. Thanks!”

Lastly, J.D. from Lawrence, Kansas said, “We were absolutely in love with our artist. She was fast, friendly, and efficient. We received many requests to bring her to our future events and the fee was extremely reasonable. I would book from Goofy Faces again in a heartbeat!”

Bryon Scott