Unforgettable Wedding Entertainment in 2022

Unforgettable Wedding Entertainment in 2022

Remember when planning a wedding felt relatively easy? It was about getting engaged, following a checklist that included every possible detail, and then it was a celebration before heading off on a tropical honeymoon! If you need a reference, look at any Hollywood classic like Father of the Bride.

But let’s face it, it’s been a crazy few years for newly engaged couples trying to plan a wedding. After many obstacles, it’s time for 2022 couples to shine! Due to the boom of events, couples are trying to set themselves apart from everyone else. According to Vogue, there are many new trends this year, but some trends are coming back in style! Who doesn’t love accent walls, big parties, hanging florals, and weekend-long celebrations?

But what about entertainment? Entertainment is what keeps the party going throughout the weekend and keeps your guests gushing about what a good time they had for years to come. This is where newly engaged couples are thinking outside of the box to make sure their wedding is the talk of the town.

Wedding Season Has Arrived

Here are a few ideas suggested by Brides.com:

  • Smores station by a fire
  • Inviting a local team mascot
  • A bounce house for all guests
  • Host a silent disco

Wedding Ideas has 110 over-the-top wedding entertainment ideas:

  • Fireworks show
  • Cigar bar
  • Caricature artists (Obviously our favorite!)
  • Karaoke
  • Burrito bar

Hitch has a full list of top 2022 wedding entertainment ideas:

  • Petting zoo
  • Fire Performers
  • Treasure hunt
  • Caricature artists (We couldn’t agree more!)
  • Late-night food stations
  • DIY cocktail bar

There are so many great resources about hiring entertainment for your upcoming nuptials. But, having been to hundreds of weddings since 2000, we can tell you exactly what guests love. They love to laugh, be surrounded by the ones they love, and enjoy watching Goofy Faces artists for hours!

Unforgettable Wedding Entertainment in 2022

Invite Us To Your Wedding

Goofy Faces artists can be booked in advance, last minute, on weekends, on weekdays, in person, virtually, and are located throughout the United States. Artists can be booked easily on our website for as little as two hours. Don’t forget, newlyweds get to take cuts to the front of the line so they can get drawn and get back to mingling with their wedding guests! We also include free bags for each caricature to keep them safe. BONUS: Goofy Faces can even personalize the paper to have the newlyweds’ name and wedding date preprinted on each sheet for a small fee. For more information visit goofyfaces.com/events/weddings/ or call (248) 652-8910.

Check out a few of our recent newlywed testimonials!

“Our artist Stephanie arrived early to set up. Once she was set up, the guests at my wedding flocked to have their pictures drawn. Stephanie drew quickly and beautifully. She was upbeat, positive, and obviously loves what she does. She communicated with our guests as she drew them. Our guests walked through the reception showing each other their pictures and encouraging others to have their portraits done. She also gained a crowd of spectators even after their portraits were complete. This was a huge hit! We will call Goofy Faces for future events! So fun!!!” -Kelly S.

“I would like to thank the entire Goofy Faces team for their assistance on my big day! Julie was fantastic. Our guests commented on her drawings and how much fun they had. I was especially grateful to your company for having an artist available so close to the event.”- Stephanie A.

“We hired Goofy Faces for our wedding. Robert, the artist, was great! The guests loved it! A special touch to the evening.” -Tricia T.

“I think Goofy Faces was the most enjoyed part of our wedding! Bryant and Hanna did such a great job on the coasters and our guests were pleasantly surprised to have something so fun at the reception. I will ALWAYS keep Goofy Faces in mind for other events. Thank you!” -Katie L.

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