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Goofy Faces offers over 500 traditional caricature artists nationwide, including in the Seattle area. Traditional and digital caricatures are a crowd favorite. Our artists can draw in person or through your favorite video service such as Zoom.

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It's common for Seattle professional artists to experiment with caricatures. However, only less than 1000 artists in the world draw caricatures as their full-time job. A caricature artist is a specialist, also referred to as a caricaturist. Each artist uses their personal and professional experience and training to develop their own unique caricature style.

Caricature and cartoon artists share some similarities, however, they are not identical. Both art forms share interchangeable elements, yet also have distinct differences. A cartoon is a simple and playful illustration of a person, animal, or scene, while a caricature is a representation of a real person, exaggerated to highlight their unique features. It's important to note that while a cartoon can depict a car or animal, a caricature must have a real-life reference in order to be effective.

Artists use different mediums to create a caricature such as a pencil, marker, paint, and digital technology over zoom, for example. The word caricature certainly has morphed into a new meaning within the English language. People use it to mean a likeness or exaggerated version of a real or familiar person. Sometimes the word is used to mean over the top or a grotesque exaggeration.

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