Greetings from Goofy Faces! Thank you for applying for one of our artist positions. If you have applied for a position as a caricature artist, we ask that you please participate in our caricature drawing exercise to help us determine your skill-level for drawing likenesses in order for you to qualify for our free caricature training. If you were previously instructed and have already taken the test, no further action is required.  Face painter applicants are not required to take this test.

Above are 8 photos for drawing a few simple black & white caricatures at home.

  • Complete at least 6 out of the 8 available faces
  • No color is required at this time.
  • Try to keep your time limit under 10 minutes per face.
  • Do not draw using any software.
  • Draw using black marker or heavy dark pencil on paper and scan it or photograph it.
  • Work between 8.5 IN X 11 IN or 11 IN X 14 IN in size.


  • Include your full name, which location you are applying for and contact phone number when emailing your work to us.

Thanks. Good luck! Email your results to us at

Remember the 3 “L’s” which are the principals we are seeking:

1) Likeness – it’s important that your caricature resembles the photo. People need to recognize who you draw.

2) Line weights – make sure to vary your line weights so that your caricature drawing has some depth and interest. Don’t rely on a single thin line for your entire drawing. Also avoid sketching. Your final caricature should look clean with a continuous line, not sketchy with too many strokes. Click here to see samples. Our artists draw as much as possible without pencil. It saves time and keeps the art looking more spontaneous.

3) Layout – Make sure your composition is sound. Avoid having your drawing appear off-center, too high or too low on the page. Nothing ruins a good caricature more than when you try to mat it and it looks lop-sided!

We have several training videos with BeeJay Hawn and Lar DeSouza who demonstrate the proper way to draw retail-style caricatures. You can also learn a lot more about caricatures by downloading Unca Lar’s Caricature 101 guide. The book we use for training is called FACE OFF by Harry Hamernik and you can order it from Amazon. We highly recommend you purchase a copy to use as a guide on how we draw caricatures.