Discover Goofy Faces’ 7 Retail Locations

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Discover Goofy Faces’ 7 Retail Locations

Discover Goofy Faces’ 7 Retail Locations

Discover Goofy Faces’ 7 Retail Locations

Did you know Goofy Faces has seven retail locations throughout the United States? Each of these vibrant locales offers a unique experience, making them perfect destinations for exploration and discovery. We invite you to immerse yourself in the charm of these cities and make your visit even more memorable by stopping by Goofy Faces. Our talented artists are ready to create personalized keepsakes to remember your time in these amazing places. Visit Goofy Faces and cherish the memories for years to come!

Year-Round Retail Locations:

Los Angeles Zoo, Los Angeles, CA

Witness the awe-inspiring animal kingdom, then let our artists create a unique caricature reflecting your wild encounter. Located near the meerkats, they’ve been spreading smiles for 14 years! Goofy Faces offers caricatures and face painting services. 

Los Angeles Zoo Hours: Open daily from 10:00am – 5:00pm

Florida Aquarium, Tampa, FL

Dive into vibrant displays, then emerge with a caricature capturing your inner mermaid or goofy grouper. Find our artists in the main lobby for 14 years of fishy fun! During the construction phase of the expansion, you can find us on the second floor next to the No Bone Zone. Goofy Faces offers caricature and face painting services. 

Florida Aquarium Hours: Open daily from 9:30am – 5:00pm

Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach, CA 

From playful penguins to mesmerizing sharks, this aquarium is a feast for the senses. And with Goofy Faces at the Shark Lagoon, turn your jaw-dropping experience into a jaw-dropping caricature, available year-round. Goofy Faces offers caricatures and face painting services. 

Aquarium of the Pacific Hours: Open daily from 9:00am – 4:30pm

Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium, Pittsburgh, PA

From the spring to the beginning of fall, the Goofy Faces retail stand is open daily. It is located across from the Tiger exhibit. During the fall and winter months, the Goofy Faces retail stand is located inside the aquarium and (depending on the weather) open on the weekends. Journey through diverse ecosystems, then let our artists transform you into a majestic river otter or a vibrant fish. We’ve been adding weekend splashes of fun since May of 2023. Goofy Faces offers caricatures and face painting services.

Pittsburgh Zoo & Aquarium Hours:

Off Season (Nov 1 – March 31): 9:30am – 4:00pm

In Season (April 1 – Oct 31): 9:30am – 5:30pm

Seasonal Retail Locations:

The National Zoo, Washington, DC 

Explore the wonders, then let our artists capture your spring and autumn visits with hilarious caricatures. Find them near the Panda Gift Shop and Lemur Island for 7 years of goofy memories. Goofy Faces offers caricatures and face painting services. Please note: Goofy Faces is open daily in the summer from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Then we are open on weekends until Halloween. 

The National Zoo Hours:

Winter (Sept 15 – March 14): 9:00am – 4:00pm

Summer (March 15 – Sept 14): 9:00am – 6:00pm

Elitch Gardens Amusement Park, Denver, CO

Experience thrilling rides and delicious treats, all amplified by Goofy Faces artists. Located near Meow Wolf’s Kaleidescape, they’ve been adding amusement to your thrills for 7 years. Goofy Faces offers caricature and face painting services. Please note: Goofy Faces retail stand opens the last week of April. Our artists draw caricatures daily through the summer until Labor Day. You will also find them there on weekends until Halloween too.

Elitch Gardens Amusement Park Hours: Vary throughout the season. Check their website for the most up to date information.

New Retail Location

Audubon Nature Institute (Zoo & Aquarium), New Orleans, LA

We are excited to offer caricatures and face painting services starting in the spring of 2024! More information will be available soon.

Audubon Nature Institute Hours:

Monday through Sunday: 10:00am – 5:00pm

For more information about each retail location click here. Remember, adventure is always better with a keepsake that can last a lifetime! So why wait? Embark on your Goofy Faces journey today and make your trip unforgettable.

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Add Goofy Faces to your Venue

Goofy Faces caricatures and face painters are an exceptional addition to any venue by providing an elevated entertainment experience for guests to enjoy. Our skilled professionals can bring their talents to your zoo, aquarium, amusement park, or sports arena, and enhance the enjoyment of visitors of all ages. We also provide art entertainment for birthday parties, private events, and corporate functions. If you’d like to hire our artist(s) for your event(s), send us a message at today.

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Goofy Faces is Hiring – Join Our Team

We’re looking for talented face painters and/or skilled caricaturists that love creating memorable experiences and bringing joy to people of all ages. If you are a face painter that can paint a wide variety of designs and/or an artist that can draw caricatures well, apply with us today! If you know of any artists that might be interested in working for Goofy Faces, please feel free to share this information:

“Requesting an artist from Goofy Faces was so easy. Michelle (contact person) was readily available to answer email questions quickly and the price was very reasonable! Peter, our caricature artist, was awesome! Most of our teenage party guests have special needs. Peter was friendly, pleasant, and patient at all times. Each sketch well-represented each of our party participants & our guests were pleased with their sketches. I will be using Goofy Faces again, requesting Peter as the artist. I highly recommend Goofy Faces to anyone in need of a caricature artist! You won’t be disappointed!!!!” – Sherri W.

We look forward to turning your next Zoom party into the most talked-about event of the year!

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Discover Goofy Faces’ 7 Retail Locations

Discover Goofy Faces’ 7 Retail Locations

Goofy Faces is Hiring – Join Our Team

We’re looking for talented face painters and/or skilled caricaturists that love creating memorable experiences and bringing joy to people of all ages.

If you are a face painter that can paint a wide variety of designs and/or an artist that can draw caricatures well, apply with us today! If you know of any artists that might be interested in for Goofy Faces, please feel free to share this information:

Why Have eSketches™ at Your Trade Show

By Robert Bauer | August 27, 2019 |

Three Exciting Ways eSketches™ Benefit Your Trade Show Booth

Three things you want from your Trade Show Booth are traffic, impact and recall. Your booth has to stand out so people find it. Once they get there, you want them to have a great experience. And after they leave, you want them to remember you. A Goofy Faces caricature artist using eSketches™ is the perfect way to do all three!

An eSketches™ caricature artist can draw traffic to your trade show booth.

Hire a Goofy Faces eSketches™ caricature artist to draw and keep traffic at your trade show booth.

eSketches™ attract people to your booth

“Hey, what’s going on there? Let’s go check it out!” (more…)

2016 Youth Summit – Be the Hero!

By Robert Bauer | May 11, 2016 |

Over the years, Goofy Faces has had the good fortune to be involved with many great and interesting causes and movements. This Spring was no exception. The Kent County Youth Summit hired 6 artists from Goofy Faces to draw middle school and high school students while they attended the 5th annual Youth Summit which took place at the Devos Place Convention Center in Grand Rapids, MI.

This year’s theme, Be the Hero, is a declaration of the collective power of this generation to take a stand as everyday heroes and to drive positive change in their community, while transforming health and wellness trends and overcoming pop culture messages that suggest that alcohol, tobacco and other drugs are not harmful. To help celebrate this point, the Summit asked Goofy Faces to draw as many heroes as they could in 4 hours during the youth summit on May 6th. To help achieve this goal, Goofy Faces provided 6 artists and 2 predawn templates of super heroes to help speed up the drawing process. The results were hundreds of happy teens who enjoyed posing for their super hero caricatures during the summit!



What are eSketches™?

By Robert Bauer | April 14, 2016 |

In case you haven’t heard, Goofy Faces offers eSketches™ nationwide and they are becoming more and more popular each month. “What are eSketches™”, you ask? Good question. eSketches™ are caricatures that are drawn & colored digitally live at events, trade shows and parties. Our artists use a digital drawing tablet to work their magic in minutes. Guests enjoy watching each eSketch take shape on a nearby large display. Once your eSketch is finished, the artist prints out your very own color copy to take away with you. In addition, we provide all our clients with a link to all the eSketches™ that were drawn during their event. They can share them with their guests and clients as well as post them to their social media accounts like Instagram and Twitter! If you want to add a cutting edge artistic element to your next function or event, give us a try. You can fund an artist and see rates by searching our directory. Watch our sample video below to get an idea just how fun and unique eSketches™ are!


Lego Dimensions!

By Robert Bauer | September 25, 2015 |

This week, Lego™ announced its latest video game mash-up called dimensions and Goofy Faces was there to help celebrate. Yesterday, Goofy Faces artist Jason had the pleasure of drawing Legocatures for several hours at The Garage in New York City. Visitors to the event enjoyed having their likenesses turned into actual Lego characters along side Batman, Gandalf and Wyld Style right before their eyes. Below are some awesome samples from the event!

Caricature girl at Lego event Lego Event Caricature Girl Lego Event Caricature Young Boy at Lego Event Holding a caricature 2015-09-24 20.15.10 video game dimensions caricature of girl



Fox’s The Grinder

By Robert Bauer | August 10, 2015 |

Recently Fox Broadcasting hired Goofy Faces to provide artists to help promote their new TV Show, The Grinder, which premiers September 29th on Fox. The show’s setting involves the courtroom, so what better way to promote that fact than to feature courtroom sketches during a recent press event in Beverly Hills, CA? The show stars Rob Lowe and Fred Savage so each star was featured in the sketch along with attendees to the event. Goofy Faces provided 2 talented artists who had to adapt their digital art style to match the existing courtroom sketch. They both drew over 90 eSketches™ in 6 hours each at this unique event which included courtroom props like a witness box for the attendees to sit in while they were being drawn. The entire sketching concept went from idea to execution in under 24 hours! Did Goofy Faces deliver for Fox? Without a doubt, case closed! Thanks to artists Greg & Court for their hard work and talent. More Fox events coming soon!


Tigerfest 2015

By Robert Bauer | January 26, 2015 |

Thousands of Tiger Fans showed up in freezing temps for the annual winter celebration of everything Tigers this past weekend at Comerica Park. This is their chance to meet actual players and receive autographs from their favorite Tigers every January. Goofy Faces was there for it’s 5th straight year drawing caricatures of fans as Detroit Tiger pitchers and batters. Two artists drew attendees for 6 straight hours inside the Tiger Den. They drew over 180 faces in total. Everyone enjoyed getting their faces drawn even though the wait was sometimes an hour long. However, compared to the 2-3 hour wait for autographs outside, most considered it a great deal. Go Tigers in 2015!




eSketches™ at the Palace!

By Robert Bauer | November 2, 2014 |

The Detroit Pistons had their 2014 home opener at the Palace of Auburn Hills on November 1st and Goofy Faces was there. The Pistons hired 2 eSketch™ artists and a face painter to entertain fans who arrived before the opening tip off. Both eSketch™ artists provided live color digital caricatures to guests at The Palace that featured a Pistons basketball player wearing their home jersey. Fans passing by enjoyed seeing each caricature take shape on a large display screen while those modeling for their caricature received a free 5X7 IN color print to take home as a souvenir from their evening at The Palace.

IMG_6771 IMG_6777IMG_6784 IMG_6780

Annual MCPA Conference

By Robert Bauer | October 31, 2014 |

The Macomb County Provider Alliance brings together organizations which operate residential, vocational, and related services programs for individuals with disabilities in Macomb County. All activities of the MCPA are built around the common interest of improving the business conditions for their membership organizations that provide support to persons with disabilities in Macomb County. Each Fall, they host a conference for providers who work in Macomb County. The conference is an uplifting event that features a catered lunch, prizes, music and entertainment. Goofy Faces has provided caricature entertainment for the past 3 years and each year, they become more popular with the attendees. This year’s theme was Superheroes. Guests had a choice to be drawn as Wonder Woman, Superman or Supergirl just in time for Halloween. IMG_6754 IMG_6757 IMG_6759 IMG_6768


eSketches™ for Chevy in Ann Arbor!

Ann Arbor hosted a soccer match between Manchester United and Real Madrid at The Big House on the campus of the University of Michigan and Chevy was on hand as...

Senior High School All-night Parties

2014 marked my 29th year of drawing caricatures at senior high school all-night parties. That works out to over 300 high school parties and over 9000 caricatures since 1985. My...

Wedding Caricatures!

Of all the caricature events that we are hired to draw for, wedding receptions are the fastest growing venue for the past 3 years. We've drawn at over 100 wedding receptions...

Adam Carolla Caricature

Recently, Adam Carolla was in town performing at the Royal Oak Music Theater and I was fortunate enough to have him autograph and pose with me for the camera. This one is going up in...

007 Premier at eMagine Theater

Sony Electronics recently held an invitation-only movie premier for its clients at eMagine Entertainment-Royal Oak for the premier of the latest James Bond, 007 Movie, Skyfall and Goofy Faces was there entertaining guests with...

Goofy Faces at the DNC for CNN!

Watch our artists highlights from the CNN Grill during the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC September 3rd-6th. CNN hired 2 artists from Goofy Faces to draw their staff along...

Goofy Faces at the RNC for CNN!

While Republicans were gathering to nominate Mitt Romney as their presidential candidate, artists from Goofy Faces were busy drawing caricatures inside the CNN Grill at the Republican National Convention for...
Digital caricature - Live

Live Digital Caricatures

Ricoh, USA hired Goofy Faces to provided live color digital caricatures which we call eSketches™ at a 2-day trade show in Seattle. Digital artist, Nolan, delighted guests for 2 straight days with...

Speaking on Art of Caricature at TTI/Vanguard: NextGens Technology Conference

This year I was offered an amazing opportunity to speak at the TTI/Vanguard: NextGens TechnologiesConference in Miami, Florida at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. TTI/Vanguard is a unique forum for senior-level executives that...