GoTo Meeting Event Entertainment - Caricatures From The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office

Hire a caricature artist for your GoTo Meeting event or break up your day with fun for the whole team or family. Our caricature artists can't wait to create a custom caricature of each of your guests digitally. Check out the video below to see how the process works.  Click the hire an artist button below to book an artist for your virtual GoTo Meeting event.

The Goofyfaces team can also host the Webex event for you, just ask.


  1.  Download GoTo Meeting your connection (14-day free sign up for GoTo Meeting here).
  2. Let your party guest know they should find a place with sufficient lighting to set up their computer, tablet or phone so you and the artist can see their face.
  3. If a guest at your zoom event wants a caricature, they can use the raise hand feature to let the artist know.
  4. Have fun with the artist creating your caricatures.
  5. Receive a digital copy of your caricatures via email or Dropbox.
  6. Questions or concerns, please call or email the goofyfaces.com team. (email) (phone)

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