Create Lasting Memories at Family and Friend Reunions with a Caricature Artist… or Two.

2020 was a year that most will never forget. Zoom calls, Facetiming, and socially distanced outdoor gatherings were the new norm. Luckily, those days are waning, and terms like mask-up and “stay home, stay safe” are firmly in the rear-view mirror. According to the CDC guidelines, families and friends can begin to gather again!

Now more than ever, we look forward to reuniting with our loved ones after what seems like forever and the best way to kick off the summer season is by having a family reunion or picnic. Whether your 2021 reunion is in person, virtual, or a 50/50 split, making the day memorable and fun is extremely important this year! 

Seeing your loved ones for the first time in person is long overdue! And having Goofy Faces as a part of your celebration will offer live in-person entertainment, provide laughs and smiles, and give all guests a special keepsake to remember the day for years to come. Our artists are just as excited as your guests to get back to doing what they love! Whether you’re looking for a traditional caricature drawing, live eSketches™, face painting, or caricature coaster we have you covered. Goofy Faces has over 500 artists nationwide and they are easy to book on our website. Best of all, our artists can compile the sketches into a group caricature!

A family reunion group caricature

A family reunion group caricature

Once you’ve booked your artist(s), we’ve got you covered. Our artists bring with them everything they need and will happily set up in the area most convenient for your party.

Having virtual reunions are still popular and we are here for it! Goofy Faces is flexible to work with and can join your zoom party or can host the party for you. Our artists are skilled and experienced in creating digital caricatures or eSketches™(even before 2020). Your artist can draw each guest, one at a time, or two together as a couple. After your Zoom Party, Goofy Faces can even compile a group caricature of all your guests for an additional fee. Goofy Faces can join for the entire party or just for a specific timeframe to entertain guests and provide memorable gifts. They can even host your virtual party on Zoom if you like!

Seeing your grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, siblings, children, and friends are precious moments that need to be captured more than ever. Goofy Faces is here to help you create lasting memories for all whether it is seeing your family reconnect in person or virtually.

Please contact us today for more information on how we can help you celebrate this special time or visit our artist registry to see rates and availability.

Bryon Scott