Is Zoom the Best Platform for Virtual Events? A Look at 8 Options

With many conferencing platforms available, which is best for your upcoming virtual program?

Here at Goofy Faces, we know a lot about Zoom parties. Even before COVID our caricature artists were frequently drawing live, digital caricatures we call eSketches™ for virtual events on Zoom.

Zoom screenshare digital caricature drawing for virtual events

A caricature artist brings the fun to your virtual events!

Zoom is no longer the only game in town! Today there are many options to gather with family, friends and colleagues and customers online.  Since last March, our artists have been the featured entertainment at more than 100 virtual events! From birthday parties and grad parties to baby showers or retirement gatherings to employee appreciation events, virtual trade shows and team building events, we now have experience with many of the virtual meeting platforms available.

Online Programs Connect Us

Here’s a brief overview of some of the more popular video conferencing programs commonly used for virtual events, and when to incorporate fun, engaging caricature art into your events and celebrations!


Digital caricature of college student done over zoom

ASU’s Michelle enjoyed having her caricature drawn over Zoom.

Easy for business as well as family to use. Requires one-time, free download or can also be accessed in your web browser.  Allows guests to share their screen from any device. Allows users to have a virtual background as well as breakout rooms.

When to hire Goofy Faces: Birthday or anniversary party. Virtual wedding or baby shower. College events. Back-to-school celebrations.

Microsoft Teams

Has tons of features and customization options. Works best when everyone is on Microsoft software.  Allows guests to share their screen from any device. Allows some users to have a virtual background.

When to hire Goofy Faces: Company events, team building, department social hours

Webex Meetings

Cisco’s virtual conference offering includes many free features, such as polling and whiteboard.

When to hire Goofy Faces: Corporate entertainment, Tradeshow feature, pre-event showcase

BlueJeans Meetings

This mobile video conferencing platform for Android includes easy meeting, whiteboard and screensharing features.

When to Hire Goof Faces: Corporate events, such as a Town Hall, or team meetings

Convenient and user friendly with many free features. Great for webinars or accessing technical support.

When to hire Goofy Faces: Pre webinar or between session entertainment. Team or corporate-wide meetings.


This service from Amazon Web Services (AWS) lets you host meetings, chats, and business calls all from one portal. Best for businesses already using AWS.

When to hire Goofy Faces: Team building, Customer events, Corporate training


This might just be the best up-and-coming platform for virtual conferences, allowing attendees to move seamlessly between keynote sessions and breakout rooms.

When to hire Goofy Faces: Pre-conference marketing events, Multi-session conferences


Allows attendees to network easily by moving from group to group and taking their virtual business card with them!

When to hire Goofy Faces: Pre and post webinar networking entertainment

Make Your Virtual Events Fun!

Caricature artist uses filter for virtual events

Your caricature artist can “dress up” to match your event theme!

These are just some of the many video conferencing options currently available for virtual events. Our Goofy Faces caricature artists have experience drawing live, digital caricatures in all of these and more.  For you that means a seamless event, less chance for technical issues, and everyone has a great time! Your artist can even “dress up” to match your virtual event theme!

From 10 to 100 or more, these platforms can accommodate virtual gatherings of any size. Larger events may call for multiple artists at time, and we can accommodate that as well.

To make the most of your virtual event, be sure your virtual event platform includes the following:

– Everyone you are inviting can easily access the event through a simple email or text link.

– Participants can see each other during the event.

– The platform allows for screen sharing.

The artist will need to be able to see the guests or attendees, and everyone will want to watch the magic happen as their friend or colleague gets drawn in real time right before their eyes. Files will be made available right away for printing or sharing.

We expect virtual gatherings to continue throughout 2021 and beyond. Not only is it a great way to connect when you can’t meet in person for health and safety reasons, but it will continue to be the way families, friends and colleagues connect across the miles.

Bryon Scott