These Two Companies Used Live Digital Caricatures to Promote their Brand

Goofy Faces caricature artists add fun and flair to your corporate event – even at a distance!

How do you get people excited about attending your virtual corporate event or online user convention when the last thing they want to do is sit in front of a computer all day…again? Hire Goofy Faces to draw live, digital caricatures we call eSketches™! Companies have been using caricatures to build their brand for years, why stop now?

Success – Branding with Digital Caricatures

Hire a Goofy Faces artist to draw themed caricatures two days BEFORE you go live to get attendees excited about your event!

Conference attendee shows off his digital caricature esketch on LinkedIn

Dave: Checking out my Influitive caricature on a break from an outstanding #InfluitiveLive20 – How do you think it looks?  Influitive: Great to hear you’re enjoying #InfluitiveLive20 so far, Dave Hansen! Your caricature looks fantastic! Quite the resemblance 👌

That’s what software company, Influitive did to generate excitement for their recent user conference. Wanting to showcase their pre-event and in-event networking capabilities, Influitive announced dates and times to log on and had a Goofy Faces caricaturist waiting to draw their guests!  Attendees could “drop in” for a free, full-color eSketch™, showing them as an Influitive Superhero.

It was a big hit with many people sharing their digital caricatures on social media!

Or you can include Goofy Faces artists in promos and let your audience know that they can have a custom, full color, digital eSketch™ caricature drawn during the event!

That’s what Double Down Interactive did for their user experience! The company promoted a special link that attendees could click on during certain hours of the event and “drop in” to get their eSketch™ drawn. Some participants came with their kids and pets so our artists drew digital caricatures of them too!

Since the company was not able to host their event in Hawaii as planned, we worked with them to design a custom background that would evoke that vacation vibe of being there.

digital caricature, or eSketch of mom and daughter in a tropical setting

A Goofy Faces artist drew this conference attendee and her daughter as if they were on the beach!

For both events, guests immediately received a link to download their custom, digital caricature to keep, print or share with friends. What a fun way to create positive feelings toward the company!

From Event Kickoffs to Product Launches, to Software User Conferences and Grand Openings, a Goofy Faces artist, live or via Zoom, makes your event memorable and fun!

Event Success is Just a Click Away

It’s easy, and we have a simple process for event success:

  1. Go to and enter the time, date and location of the event.
  2. We will find just the right artist, or artists, for you. Then we send you a contract, and some tips for how to get the most value out of our time there.
  3. You decide if there will be a theme or special logo included*.
  4. We set up and draw your guests!
  • For live, in-person events, our artist can set up in a small space and keep a 6’ distance between themselves and your attendees. All our artists wear masks when drawing in person. We can work indoors or out, depending on the weather.
  • For virtual events, we mostly use Zoom, but can adapt to other platforms. Each guest will be able to access their eSketch™ color digital caricature as soon as it’s finished. They can download and share on social media to help promote your event. We can draw anyone that is in the room with them, including kids and pets!
  1. Your guests get a cool piece of custom art, featuring them (and maybe their loved ones or pets), that they can keep and share on social! And these special, one-of-a-kind caricatures foster fond memories of the company, organization or institution that sponsored them long after the event ends.

Find an expert Zoom caricature artist from Goofy Faces.

* May require an additional fee.


Bryon Scott