Caricature Art – A Captivating Way to Grow Your Business!

Over the past few years, Goofy Faces caricature artists have become an integral part of many company business plans. Yes, business plans!

Caricature artist making digital drawings with eSketches

No longer just the purview of zoos, amusement parks and family vacations (but we do those well!), caricature art is a truly unique service that can help a business stand out at a trade show or industry convention. Live digital caricatures, like eSketches™, for example, are increasingly popular for brands to incorporate into their trade show booths because they attract so much attention!

Create a unique experience at your trade show booth

Today, every booth or exhibit must have something unique and fun to draw people in. Common giveaways include mugs, keychains, pens, etc. Some businesses try to be creative, offering games or free chair massage. The challenge is finding something that checks all the boxes:

* Attracts visitors to the trade show booth
* Advertises for the brand
* Creates a real opportunity for customer engagement (i.e., time)
* Is personalized enough to create real impact

Live digital caricatures, or eSketches™, meet all of these criteria.

How to have eSketch™ caricature art at your trade show or exhibit

Caricature artist drawing eSketch at trade show

We make it simple for you so you! Your Goofy Faces caricature artist sets up two chairs in your booth (we only need 6ft by 6ft space). The artist has a special drawing pad connected to a large monitor positioned so people passing by can see it.

As the artist draws, the face takes shape on the monitor attracting “ooohs” and “aahs” from event goers. Before you know it, people are lining up at your booth or table for their color caricature!

Your staff can interact with people waiting in line, ask questions and share something about your product or service. Each caricature takes 5 to 8 minutes allowing plenty of time for you to talk with the person being drawn as well as those waiting their turn.

The result? Your guests have a great time and take home a custom 4×6 or 5×7 print of their caricature along with great memories of your company! The artist can even include a full color logo or draw them using your product or service, thus extending the promotional life of the art. For more, see “Why Have eSketches at Your Trade Show Booth.”

Caricature art creates lasting memories of your brandeSketch of woman in car

For brands looking for a fun, new way to create buzz at their trade show booths, engage prospects once there, and leave them with a giveaway unlikely to end up in the trash, live digital caricatures may be something to consider.

Unlike nearly every other giveaway, companies get a greater bang for their marketing dollars while creating a growing affinity of their brand during and even after the event. This includes following up after the show ends. Companies can post all the digital caricatures drawn by their artist to social media and their website for additional engagement opportunities. Tag people and they may even share the image, thus extending the reach even further.

To find a Goofy Faces Live Digital Caricaturist for your next trade show or convention, click here, check the box for “Live eSketches™,” and enter the zip code for your event. Or call us at 866-886-6640 and we’ll help you find the right artist for your event.

* We guarantee exclusivity. We only contract with one company per show. Book early to lock out the competition!

 Portions of this blog previously appeared in a blog by Goofy Faces artist Brad in September 2016.


Robert Bauer