Who Gets to Be a Goofy Faces Artist? Three Critical Questions to Ask.

What do an elementary school art teacher from Ohio, a fashion illustrator from Oregon and an award-winning editorial cartoonist have in common? They are all Goofy Faces caricature artists!

While you don’t have to have a degree or specific training to be a successful caricature artist, many of our artists do. What’s important is how we evaluate each artist.

Color caricature of couple in winter coats.

Bernard’s experience as a fashion illustrator really shines through his work!

How are Goofy Faces Artists Trained?

As with any kind of art, most people discover this talent at a young age. Formal art training, like Jacalyn, Bernard and Don mentioned above have, is not required, but it can help hone skills and introduce new styles and techniques. The most important thing is to practice, practice, practice.

Many of our artists are members of the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA), and they participate in our industry’s premier professional continuing education programs through this organization.

How Fast are Caricature Artists?

Happy woman and son show their caricature art.

This mom and son love their traditional caricature made by a former elementary teacher turned full-time artist.

As with many industries, speed and accuracy are hallmarks of true professionals. We expect our caricature artists and face painters to work at a speed fast enough to keep the line moving, but not so fast as to sacrifice the quality of their work.

Artists can usually draw between 10 and up to 20 traditional, black and white caricatures in an hour. That’s 3 to 6 minutes per face. Color faces take longer. You can see how fast each artist is here.

Robert Bauer, head honcho at Goofy Faces, personally reviews every artist before they can be added to the Goofy Faces directory. He reviews their art samples for likeness and style, and the company checks professional references as well. Only then can they be viewed on the Goofy Faces website and booked for your party or event.

Why Choose a Goofy Faces Artist?

Of course, all our artists are talented caricaturists. But we go a few steps further to ensure our clients get the best bang for their party entertainment buck.

Young woman enjoys having her caricature drawn.

Editorial cartoonist Don enjoys chatting with party guests as he draws them.

To become part of the Goofy Faces directory, we look for specific qualities from each artist:

– Have at least 5 years experience drawing live caricatures

– Courteous, friendly and engaging with guests

– Good with children

– Able to complete a face in black & white in under 6 minutes

From newspaper illustrations and layouts, to calendar art and children’s books, Goofy Faces artists have worked in a variety of fields. And they all love drawing caricatures!

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