How to Hire a Caricature Artist for Your Party

4 tips to help you get the right artist for your entertainment.

If you’re planning a party, or you’ve been asked to help with the entertainment for an event, and you want something people will remember, hire a caricature artist or face painter. Your guests will definitely be entertained, and they get to take home treasured memories in the form of a unique piece of art of or on their face!

Here are some tips to help you make the best choice.

How many artists do I need?

Face Painter Close Up

Adults and kids alike enjoy face painting.

Keep in mind that it may be better to have two or more artists depending on how many guests and the length of the event. Use our event calculator to determine how many artists and how many hours you will need. We generally recommend having the same type of artist, i.e., two or three face painters, but not one face painter, one coaster artist and one eSketch artist. That gets too confusing for the guests!

When should I hire a face painter?

Anytime kids are involved, a face painter is a perfect addition to your party plans. Face painting is not just for kids! Themed events for adults lend themselves to face painting too, especially if the theme is fantasy or safari, conservation or anything animal related. From simple drawings to elaborate full-face makeup, our face painters have a variety of skills and specialties.

Couple shows off their Goofy Faces caricature coasters.

Fast and fun, caricature coasters are a great choice for all kinds of events.

What About Caricature Coasters?

Weddings, fundraisers and festivals are perfect for our caricature coaster artists. Opening a restaurant, launching a new wine collection or introducing a new brew? We’ve got the perfect entertainment.

Caricature coasters are a Goofy Faces specialty! These 4×4 cardboard coasters can be personalized* with your event or company logo your guest of honor’s name or caricature on the back. Hire a caricature coaster artist when you have a lot of guests. They take just two to four minutes so an artist can draw many faces each hour.

When do eSketches work best?

Student with colorful eSketch digtial caricature art at MSU.

Students at Michigan State’s UFest enjoyed Goofy Faces full color eSketches.

We find that eSketches, or live, digital caricatures in color, are favorites at trade shows, career fairs, corporate functions and large sporting events.

Using an iPad, tablet or other digital system, a caricature artist draws single faces and print them instantly on 4X6 or 5X7 inch photo paper. Your digital caricaturist also brings a large display screen so your guests can watch each drawing take shape right before their eyes!

What If I Want Traditional Caricatures?

Goofy Faces Caricatures

Traditional caricatures can be on white or sepia paper.

The best thing about traditional caricature art is that it’s perfect for any occasion! By far the most requested, traditional caricatures are great for birthdays, weddings, retirement parties, reunions, company picnics, graduations, senior all-night parties, and so much more. With more than 500 artists nationwide, we’re sure to have a caricature artist that’s just right for you.

Search our directory by selecting the type of art, then enter your zip code to find artists near your location. Each caricature artist and face painter has a unique style, so be sure to check out our artists’ work so you can choose the one that best fits for your event. Then send a request to see if your date is available.

You can always call us at 1-866-886-6640. We’re happy to help you find an artist you and your guests will love!

* extra fee applies. Advance notice required.

Robert Bauer