Celebrating Special Times in Our Children’s Lives

Four party planning tips for fun and memorable celebrating

It starts with first steps. Then it’s first words, then first day at school. As they grow, our children have a limited number of first – or only – events in their lives.

Depending on your family’s heritage, events that only happen once in your child’s life may include:

* First Communion
* Bar or Bat Mitzvah
* Quinceañera
* High School Graduation

These special times call for special celebrations. Party planning for those celebrations can be tedious and frustrating at times. Don’t let it get you stressed! With a little bit of thoughtful preparation, you can pull off a fun, memorable family-friendly party your kids will talk about for years to come.

Consider what type of event you want, your guest list, the venue, and of course the entertainment!

What Type of Event Do You Want?

Young girls at first communion party celebrating with traditional caricatures on sepia paper.

Make celebrating first communion fun and memorable with caricature art.

First Communions, mitzvahs, Quinceañera and graduation parties can be a sit-down luncheon/dinner or even an afternoon open house. Consider the age of the guests – and how fidgety they might be after sitting for too long. Do you need a “kids table” or kid’s area with special activities?

Do you need space for dancing? A definite yes for celebrating mitzvahs and Quinceañeras! Is your honoree part of a dance team or theater troupe? Leave space for the performers to do their thing they love to do together!

Who Is On Your Guest List?

Try to keep a balance between family and friends. Especially your kid’s friends and their families. When including younger children (preschool through middle school), make sure parents know if they are expected to stay or not. You don’t want your party to turn into nothing but babysitting.

Older children can be picky about who is invited to “their” party. When making your list, they will appreciate if you ask them, “Do you know who this person is?” or “Is it OK if we include them?”

Consider the Venue.

Depending on the size of your guest list, many restaurants have private rooms that can seat a large party and that may be enough for your needs.

Two young women showing a caricature of themselves.

Happy friends enjoy celebrating at a graduation party.

With the help of a good caterer or local restaurant that has a catering service, most people can handle around 50-75 guests at home for a meal, especially if you have a yard where you can put tables and chairs. More for an open house style party, which are common for first communions and graduation parties.  Don’t forget the tent in case of rain or hot sun!

Ask around. There may be local halls that are much less expensive than hotel party rooms.

How Will You Entertain Your Guests?

Now to bring the fun! Kids love parties with face painting. Your young and young-at-heart guests will enjoy the thrill of turning into their favorite animal or super hero. Caricature artists can do the same on paper. And having an artist drawing traditional black and white or color caricatures of your guests at your party means you have both entertainment and your parting favor.

Young girl with braids and swirly face paint in pink, blue and white.

Kids love having their faces painted at parties.

Your guests will enjoy watching their friends having their face painted or caricature drawn. This is the most fun they will have waiting in line! Then they get to take their custom art home.

The truth? Five years from now your kids probably won’t remember much from the graduation ceremony or bar mitzvah service. But they will remember joyously celebrating with friends and family! So book your venue and the best entertainment today. Find your Goofy Faces caricature artist or face painter here. Spring dates are booking fast.

Book your artist today.

Robert Bauer