Two “Virtual” Ways to Boost Employee & Family Morale Right Now

In the days of virtual and remote everything, keeping morale up has never been more critical! Whether it’s your work family or your home family, doing something fun and unique, like a get together with a live (but remote!) caricature artist can really lift their spirits!

Caricature artist drawing on tablet eSketch at trade show

Goofy Faces artists eSketches™ in person or virtually!

With technology today, there are many ways to meet online. Create an account on Zoom, Google Hangout, Skype, GoToMeeting, Facetime or GoogleDuo. Most of these services have free options depending on the size of your group and how long your online event will last.

How do you keep it light and fun amid difficult times? Hire a Goofy Faces Caricature Artist to draw live remote caricatures! All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone with internet access as well as a color printer. Our artist engages with each person while drawing their caricature digitally, called an eSketch™ – in as little as six minutes!  eSketches™ are drawn and colored digitally on a tablet or digital drawing pad. After showing the person their finished caricature, the artist uploads the final art to a Dropbox so you can access it from your device, view and print on the spot!

In addition, the host gets the digital files of all the images. Think of the possibilities! Use them for celebrating birthdays, employee recognition, or as something fun to send to your customers and friends. Sales staff like to use them in their email signature!

Keeping Morale Up at Work

If your staff is still coming in to work, consider hosting an impromptu “Employee Appreciation Day.” It takes very little planning and minimal resources:

1. Choose a day and time. Over a lunch hour or at the end of the day works great. Reserve a space, like a small conference room or kitchen area. If you have a large team, consider breaking up the times and keeping the groups small. For example, create 30-minute blocks for 8 to 10 people at a time.

2. Send invites. Even just a simple email with an expression of gratitude can go a long way toward making your team feel appreciated during a stressful time. If you have people in remote locations, you can include them as well.

3. Bring in a catered lunch or appetizers and dessert from a favorite local restaurant. They will appreciate your business!

4. Make it fun and have a Goofy Faces Caricature Artist attend remotely! Set up a tablet or laptop and a printer. The artist joins your team via Zoom (preferred, but Skype, Facetime or other service can work too). Your group can chat and eat while the artist draws full-color digital caricatures, called eSketches,™ that you can download, share and print on the spot.

Promoting family togetherness from far apart

Artist draws caricature on a tablet using eSketch

Connecting via the internet, Goofy Faces artists can draw on tablets using eSketch and send the finished images to you!

Especially now, it’s vital to stay in touch with family. Consider hosting a “virtual family reunion!” People can join your “party” by smartphone, tablet or computer. Any internet connected device that has a camera and microphone will do. Here’s how it works:

1. Pick a date and time. Remember that some people may be in a different time zone so choose a time that will work for everyone! For example, a 9 a.m. virtual coffee date in Washington, D.C. will be 6 a.m. in Los Angeles! Likewise, a 6 p.m. Virtual Happy Hour in Denver will be 8 p.m. in Tampa.

2. Send the event link. Don’t assume everyone checks their email regularly. If you usually text them, send it that way. If Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Message is your preferred method of communicating, do that.

3. Make a list of questions or topics of conversation and have them ready in case the conversation needs a boost.

4. Have some fun with virtual entertainment! Hire a Goofy Faces Caricature Artist to draw your family remotely. Our artist will draw a full-color, digital caricature called an eSketch™. The artist can draw one person or couples at a time while the family is chatting and catching up. You get to watch as the caricature comes to life on the screen!

5. Send out the artwork! The host will receive a link to the online folder where all the eSketches™ have been saved. They can share a link to the same folder so each attendee can see and download their caricature, create a collage of all the images, or use a calendar-making program to create a custom family birthday calendar. What a fun way to remember your time “together!”

So go ahead and break out that Bluetooth speaker to play the tunes. Set up a computer or ipad with a printer. Connect via the internet and we’ll walk you through the rest! Your guests will have fun and you’ll create a memorable impact of live digital characters without the high cost of bringing the artist to you.

Find a Goofy Faces Live eSketch™ artist.

Robert Bauer