Wedding Trends of a Century – Now, It’s All Changed

Wedding Trends of a Century – Now, It’s All Changed

The wedding industry is powerful. On average weddings in the United States generate 60 billion dollars and that’s not even including the cost of a honeymoon which is an additional 4-8 billion dollars! As the industry grows the trends become more detailed. But how exactly has the industry changed in the past 100 years?Wedding caricatures

1920s Trends

In the 1920s were an elaborate occasion just like wedding dresses. Dresses were heavily beaded and embroidered. Brides had an extremely large bouquet to walk down the aisle. Guests enjoyed a shrimp cocktail, baked ham, and caramel custard. And the average wedding costs around $400.

1930s Trends

When couples were planning weddings during the 1930s they were very simple due to the great depression. Most brides wore their “Sunday Best” outfits or a newly purchased white dress and engagement rings were art deco inspired. The ceremonies were very intimate too.

1940s Trends

Due to World War II, wedding planning was simplified. Most couples had a very short engagement. Brides loved large headpieces, red lipstick, and DIY decor for the reception. The entertainment was a large band playing swing music for the newlyweds and guests to enjoy.

1950s Trends

The 1950s introduced the beloved Jordan Almonds. Brides began wearing ballgowns. And wedding cakes became large, elaborate, and tiered for all guests to enjoy. Many dinners included a salad with jello, a cheese whiz appetizer, steak, and a banana split for dessert.

1960s Trends

Colored wedding pictures, metallic colors, and daisies were the wedding trends of the decade. The most common place to host a reception was at home. And the refreshment of choice was a non-alcoholic sherbert drink.

1970s Trends

Brides fell in love with flower crowns, men wore colored tuxedos, and large outdoor weddings were on-trend. The most common bridesmaid color was either yellow or orange. The top three songs to play at reception were “Dancing Queen”, “September”, and “Staying Alive”. Guests loved eating pineapple chicken for dinner too.

1980s Trends

Everything about the 1980s was bigger than ever; dresses, guest lists, cakes, and bouquets. Many brides modeled their big day after Princess Diana but on a budget. The ultimate must-have was to hire a videographer.

1990s Trends

Bridal parties were matchy-matchy in the 1990s. Bridesmaids’ dresses, hair, and makeup were exactly the same. The guests’ list began to shrink and couples began to elope, at least until the  boom of 1997 which exploded due to the popular matrimony movies Father of the Bride and Runaway Bride.

2000s Trends

Weddings became very personalized. Brides and bridesmaids were wearing satin. Guest lists continued to become intimate but receptions were hosted at country clubs and hotels to give an extravagant feel. Couples loved cupcake towers for guests to enjoy too. FUN FACT: Goofy Faces began drawing at weddings in 2007!

2010s Trends

The goal was to give a one-of-a-kind experience. Couples thought through every single detail like signage, vows, entertainment, and specialty cocktails. What the groom was wearing was personalized; cuff links, tie, socks, and type of suit. Brides were once again inspired by royalty. And photobooths were all the rage! Want to learn more about wedding trends? Visit this link from

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Trends Today

Fast forward to 2021 and planning a wedding is different. Most engaged couples have had to rethink what their dream day would look like. Some couples had their celebration in 2020 and 2021 but it was much different than they anticipated. According to The Knot, 47% of couples postponed several times and are just now getting married. And let us not forget all the couples who got engaged and delayed getting married until they could find a venue or date to have a wedding.

The most common trend at a wedding today is love conquers all. Celebrations happening this fall and winter are proof of that. Typically the upcoming months November, December, and January are the “off-season” but not this year. Couples will have pictures with exploding fall colors or snowy days to remember. And wedding guests are very excited to celebrate this long-overdue occasion.

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