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Goofy Faces offers over 500 different traditional caricature artists nationwide, including the Denver area. Traditional and digital caricatures are a crowd favorite. We can draw in person or via your favorite video service such as Zoom.

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A caricature exaggerates prominent features of the artists subject or the essences while keeping enough information so the subject is still recognizable. Believe it or not we believe a well-done caricature looks more like you than you.  That’s because a caricature emphasizes the features which distinguish what makes you unique. It is common for caricatures to be drawn with the subject given a small body and a large head.

Caricature art is a unique style of art that uses exaggerated features to create humorous portraits. Denver Caricature artists have their own unique style when creating a portrait. They use a combination of exaggeration and distortion to create a humorous image of the subject. This unique style of art can be used to capture the essence of a person or caricature a situation. Denver Caricature artists use different techniques such as line work, shadowing, and color to create a fun and whimsical image. Caricature art is a great way to capture a moment or memory which is entertaining and humorous. It is an art form that is both creative and fun and provides a unique perspective of the world and people in the Denver community. Caricature art is a great way to make someone laugh and bring a smile to their face

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