Tradeshow Booth Planning – 3 Easy Steps

Tradeshow Booth Planning – 3 Easy Steps

Planning for your Upcoming Tradeshow!Tradeshow season is just around the corner. There are many benefits to a business having a booth. It is a great way to showcase a company’s credibility, talents, and expand its reach. When planning for the show, it’s important to keep the following statistics in mind:

  • 46% of attendees are executives or upper management
  • 82% of attendees have buying power 
  • Attendees will tell more than six people about their experience
  • The #1 goal for attending is to find new products

Keeping all of that in mind, how does a business create a standout booth to engage the best of the best? Don’t worry! Goofy Faces is here to help you make a plan!

Step One: The early planning process

Most planning for tradeshows begins six to nine months before. Make sure to take time to determine what your budget, goals, and objectives are. Then do the research to find the right tradeshow for your company to attend. Click here to begin your search. 

Step Two: The design process

Once you’ve chosen the right tradeshow to attend for your business, there is a lot to consider. 

Determine booth design. Make sure to consider everything from the guest’s perspective: lighting, open space, color palette, seating and meeting options, etc.

Choosing the right size booth. The average booth size is 10×10. But this might not work for the design and layout you’re planning. Take the time to map everything out and remember attendees will take up roughly 50% of the booth’s footprint. 

Step Three: Creating the experience

Remember you’re creating an experience for your attendees from the moment they step foot in your booth. But how exactly does a business do this?

Build the hype before you go. Let your colleagues, customers, and suppliers know where you’re headed. Maybe even give them a sneak peek of what they might see. This can be done via a newsletter, social media, company blog, email, etc. 

Determine team roles. Before you leave for the tradeshow, make sure everyone on the team is on the same page about goals and objectives. Assign everyone a specific role and make sure they stick to it for the duration of the event. Role examples are crowd gatherers, hosts, presenters, technical staff, and sales staff.

Find the right promotional items. They will help your company stand out and make your logo more recognizable. Need help choosing the right item? Click here to see what’s trending. 

Determine entertainment for your booth. This is where Goofy Faces comes in! Having our artists in your tradeshow booth will attract more traffic and keep people hanging around to watch (aka enough time for your team to spark up a conversation about your company and its products). The Goofy Faces method is as simple as ABC:

  • Attendees line up to get FREE caricatures. 
  • Branded caricatures continue to sell even after the tradeshow ends. 
  • Completed on customized paper to reflect your company or products. 

Planning for your Upcoming Tradeshow!Goofy Faces has over 500 artists located throughout the United States. And finding an artist is easy to do with our online directory. Click here. If you have any questions, contact us here. Also, we understand some tradeshows are virtual now. Goofy Faces offers virtual caricature services too. Visit to learn more.

As you begin planning for your upcoming tradeshow, don’t let the details bog you down too much. This is a very exciting time and a creative way to generate NEW business for your company. Lastly, remember this about tradeshow attendees:

  • 52% are more likely to enter a booth if they’re offering some kind of giveaway or freebie.
  • 64% are not current customers of any businesses at a trade show
  • 92% are there to learn about new and exciting products and services

Check out what our past clients are saying about Goofy Faces:

“Mike and Peter had their own style of drawing. Both were very professional and extremely friendly.” -Barbara L.

“All my guests kept saying was ‘what a great idea!’ It was a big hit! I will definitely consider Goofy Faces for future events.” -Carol L.

“This was a great event; the artists were perfect and helped interact with the attendees. Would for sure book again!” -Michelle F.

“We were absolutely in love with our artist. She was fast, friendly, and efficient. We received many requests to bring her to our future events and the fee was extremely reasonable. I would book from Goofy Faces again in a heartbeat!” – J.D. L. 

“Our artists arrived early, began early, and even stayed late to make sure everyone who wanted a picture was able to get one. Thanks!” – Elisha R.

Katy Siereveld