Preparing for Face Painting Training Sessions

Welcome to Goofy Faces - We are so happy to have you on our team!

Before you start painting faces at one of the locations where we have retail art stands, it would be great for you to review the information below:

  1. Face Painters Studyguide can be downloaded and printed for trainees
  2. Face Painting Samples Book: FacePaintingBook.pdf
  3. Some great examples of fantastic face painting can be viewed on Pinterest


Supplies to Purchase From Silly Farm

Face Painting Kit
Our Face Painters can order an entire kit from Silly Farms at a discount by mentioning Goofy Faces. The kit includes:

    • 12 FAB 45 GM Colors of your Choice
    • 3 Gold Grip Paint Brushes
    • 4 Sponges
    • 2 Proof Glitters of your Choice
Mehron Practice Head (also available on Amazon):

Face Painting Practice Head

These heads don't have to be mounted onto anything for use, which is great. 

To keep from staining:

1) Spray your mannequin with Aquanet heavy duty hairspray. Spray it down 3 to 4 times. Allow the spray to fully dry into or onto the mannequin product.

2) After you are finished with your makeup practice you should clean it right away.

3) To clean get makeup cotton wipes and pour 91% rubbing alcohol and you should start rubbing off the make up. Rub hard.

4) You may also use Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Use the eraser and rub off any deep smears that you can see faintly.

Practice Boards
The full face and the 3/4 views are the best for training:

Face Painting Practice Boards

The following sponges will save time because they are shaped to make butterflies, masks, etc. You can work FASTER due to their shape!:
Face Painting Sponges

Mesh Bag (For dirty sponges)
Face Painting Mesh Bag for Sponges

Starter Brushes
Every artist should have 2 round brushes (fine line and medium weight) and a 3/4 to a 1" flat brush


Not Available at Silly Farm

WOLFE Palette: $25.00
Face Painting Palette by WOLFE

WOLFE Metallics (this is a great supplement):
Face Painting Metallics by WOLFE

Face Painters can order a Goofy Faces Apron from Zazzle