3 Fun Easter Celebrations from Around the World

Around the world and close to home Easter celebrations have many fun options!

Spring is in the air and that means Easter and other spring holidays are just around the corner. With the pandemic still looming, and some communities easing restrictions more than others, it’s important to stay safe while still celebrating the Easter holiday with your family and friends.

Two girls at an Easter Celebration or First Communion party showing traditional caricatures on sepia paper.

Make Easter and First Communion celebrations fun and memorable with caricature art.

Here are a few fun Easter celebration traditions from around the world, and some from closer to home that we think you’ll enjoy. As you plan your Easter observance this year, think about what elements you will include and how you will celebrate and remember this special day.

Easter Celebrations with Kites

When someone tells you to Go Fly a Kite – go to Bermuda at Easter! If you happen to be in Bermuda on Good Friday, look up, you’re likely to see thousands of colorful, handmade kites. Legend has it that the tradition began as a way to explain to school children about a soul’s ascension to Heaven.

Easter Celebrations with Fireworks!

Head to Florence, Italy or the Greek Isles to celebrate Easter with Fireworks. Churches all over the Greek island of Spetses and elsewhere throughout the country set off fireworks to honor the holiday.

In Florence, Italy, be sure to catch the Scoppio del Carro, or “explosion of the cart.” Follow the procession of the 350-year-old cart carefully loaded with fireworks. When it reaches its final stop in front of a cathedral the fireworks explode to the delight of the people!

Easter Celebrations with Dress Up

In Finland and some other parts of Scandinavia, children paint their faces and dress in colorful clothes as (friendly) witches. They then go door to door offering blessings and decorative twigs in exchange for a sweet treat! Sounds a little like our Halloween without the scary!

How will you celebrate Easter this year?

Will your family and community celebrate Easter in person? Depending on your state guidelines for in-person gathering, you may be able to hold an outdoor event. Garden parties and Easter Egg Hunts can bring people together while keeping social distancing in mind.

Zoom screenshare digital caricature drawing

A caricature artist brings the fun to your Zoom Easter Celebrations !

For added fun, have a caricature artist draw your guests! With caricatures, anyone can be drawn as the Easter Bunny (or not), and everyone gets to take home a custom piece of art. All artists wear masks and can draw from a safe 6-foot distance.

You can also gather with family and friends from across the country or across the globe virtually through Zoom or any one of the many virtual conferencing programs currently available (see our review).  When you do, be sure to book a Goofy Faces caricature artist to capture the beaming smiles! Our caricature artists are Zoom party experts. Using digital technology, we draw live, digital caricatures, or eSketches™, and everyone attending can watch the caricature come to life right on screen! Then we provide everyone a link to their own color digital drawing. They can download it and share on social!

Whether you gather in person or online, your Goofy Faces caricature artist can include a custom background, costume or other element to represent your Easter celebration heritage. Kites, Peeps, Costumes, colorful eggs, even fireworks, our artists love creating custom, one-of-a -kind artwork featuring you and your family.

Whether you’re flying kites in Bermuda, watching fireworks in Italy or Greece, dressing up in Scandinavia, or hosting your own annual neighborhood Easter Egg hunt, make the holiday special and memorable.

Bryon Scott