Are Virtual Trade Shows Absolutely Here to Stay?

Can you still be in business if you don’t meet your customers?

We are all anticipating the return to in-person events. Yet some predict that virtual trade shows and corporate events will become the norm – not the exception – in the post-pandemic world. Very likely we will see many events and trade shows offer a ‘hybrid’ format with both in-person and virtual options for attendees.

For business to thrive companies will still need to connect with and engage prospects in fun, unique and memorable ways. This is true whether you go all in for in person, or you stay completely virtual, or you do a combination of both.

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The argument for virtual trade shows

Virtual trade Digital caricature - A show attendee shows off his esketch cariacture on LinkedIn

Dave: Checking out my Influitive caricature on a break from an outstanding #InfluitiveLive20 – How do you think it looks?
Influitive: Your caricature looks fantastic! Quite the resemblance!

Typical trade shows and large-scale events are expensive to produce. “As organizers save money by eliminating venue and food and beverage costs, they can focus more dollars into keynote speakers, workshop presenters and other elements that will make the event more enticing for their audience,” says event marketing company Break the Ice Media.

Travel restrictions aside, many companies have cut way back on their corporate travel budgets. Why spend money on planes, meals and hotels when you can experience the event from your home? A virtual trade show is still better than no trade show. “If you aren’t considering hosting or sponsoring a virtual event as part of your marketing strategy, you can be sure that your competition is,” says Forbes.

It may be 2022 before we see a real uptick of in-person events. In the meantime, companies must continue to create that connection with prospects and make virtual events memorable. “As more brands take their events and gatherings online, and more attendees expect the ability to fully participate online, as well as in person,” says Forbes.

In addition to great, useful content, attendees still enjoy fun, engaging entertainment, like Goofy Faces caricature artists! Our artists draw live digital caricatures, called eSketches™, virtually. Our artists engage with attendees and they get a custom piece of art, featuring them, that also can include corporate branding!*

Speaking of branding, our artists can create a custom, whimsical and unique event logo or theme*. Contact us to get the process rolling.

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In-person events still have value

purple hair caricature at trade show

Event caricatures can include your company’s logo!

Live, in-person trade shows, says, “offer a platform for businesses to talk directly with their target audience. Each year, thousands of companies choose to exhibit to generate leads, build relationships and close deals.” This formula works and will not go quietly. It’s much harder, but not impossible, to build the same kind of rapport with customers online.

While in-person trade shows may look different – expect to see masks, social distancing and frequent hand sanitizing stations for some time – companies will still want to fun and unique ways to engage and entertain guests.

Goofy Faces caricature artists fit perfectly into in-person events, trade shows, grand openings and reunions. Our talented artists are quick, wear masks and can safely draw from 6 feet away. And each guest walks away with a custom caricature and a smile!

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Is Hybrid here to stay?

Hybrid learning is not just for school-age kids. Companies will have to figure out how to cater to event attendees that want to be in person, as well as those that prefer to stay home.

Even after live events and conferences make their way back into marketing strategies and budgets, virtual trade shows and other corporate events will continue to be a part of the event industry. Expect to see events offering both in person and online options.

Both live and virtual attendees can participate in keynote sessions, breakout rooms, even open networking time. The technology evolves daily.

In person or virtual, guests can still get a Goofy Faces caricature of themselves, with custom branding* that they will keep and likely will share with colleagues and friends, further extending brand reach.

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Bryon Scott