Artist Resources


  1. For use with locations using sales tickets for sales: SalesTicket.pdf
  2. Artist Agreement/Job Application with W9: GF-W9_APPL.pdf
    & Direct Deposit (e-Banking).pdf
  3. Tallysheet: GF-Tallysheet2010.pdf
  4. Referral Form for gathering customer info for gig leads
  5. Money Counting Form: Money_Counting_Form
  6. Order protector tubes from PackagingSupplies.comCall 1-800-536-3668 or email or
  7. Clear 18 X 24 IN. bags for purchased mats can be ordered (in quantities of 1,000 or more) from Associated Bag using our P.O. # 186 982
    For orders of less than 1,000 bags, please use
  8. Managers of retail locations requiring background checks can download the Background Check.
  9. Email El when you need to order more Mats.

Caricature Artists

  1. Download, print out and return GF_Welcome_Kit to us in order to do gigs for Goofy Faces.
  2. Download our artist overtime authorization form: GF.OT_Authorization
  3. FREE Caricature Coupon Sign: FREE_Caricature
  4. Printable business cards are available to download here.


Art Supplies

  1. You can purchase black Crayola Black Markers from Amazon.
  2. You can purchase Caran NeoColor I pastels from Amazon.
  3. Bags for caricatures can be purchased from, including bags on a pad for gigs.
  4. You can purchase an affordable French Easel for gigs from Jerry’s Artarama or on Amazon.
  5. You can download and print up your own hours of service sign to laminate and use at live events.
  6. You can download and print up your own On Break sign to laminate and use at live events.
  7. You can download and print up your own Last in Line Sign to laminate and use at live events.
  8. Make sure you have some lights with you when doing gigs. These clip-on lamps fit inside most French Easels when not in use.
  9. You need a drawing surface to put on your easel for gigs.
  10. Don’t forget to buy a foamy pad to place underneath your top sheet when drawing & coloring.
  11. Jet Pens sells several different comic art markers like this one from Sailor.
  12. Jerry's Artarama sells Concept Brush Pens which offer a firm brush nib and are very affordable! 
  13. Chartpak Finepoint Markers are available at Dick Blick’s and Jerry’s Artarama.
  14. Crayola Black Markers can be bought in boxes of 12 from Amazon.
  15. You can order letter size cardstock for traditional caricature gigs from Amazon.
  16. You can order blank coasters for caricature coaster gigs from Katz, America. Make sure to choose 4" square, heavyweight.
  17. You can also order 4" square, heavyweight blank coasters on Amazon!
  18. For hot sunny days, we recommend this awesome shade umbrella that can connect directly to your French Easel.
  19. Also for hot days outside, we recommend this rechargeable clip-on fan. It lasts up to 3 hours on one charge.
  20. For a more comfortable drawing experience, we recommend this seat cushion which fits perfectly on folding chairs or other solid seats with no padding.


Training Materials

  1. Check out our training videos created by Lar Desouza & BeeJay Hawn at
  2. The lesson book used for caricature training is called Face Off: How to Draw Amazing Caricatures by Harry Hamernik
  3. Another excellent book for learning how to draw caricatures is  The MAD Art of Caricature by Tom Richmond.
  4. Another useful caricature guidebook is called A Caricaturist’s Handbook: How to Master Caricatures by Jim van der Keyl


Useful Links

  1. Make sure to join our Goofy Faces Artist Group on Facebook.
  2. The Public Facebook Page for Goofy Faces is located at
  3. Goofy Faces' Twitter Page is
  4. You can find Goofy Faces on LinkedIn at
  5. Find Goofy Faces on Instagram at
  6. All our artists should set up their profile in our online directory so that our customers can find them to consider booking for their events.
  7. Goofy Faces and Robert were featured in a video for Art Detroit on YouTube.
  8. Check out this great article about caricatures in WIRED Magazine via online or download the PDF.


  1. You can get the iPad Pro & Pencil right from Apple.
  2. Check out Wacom's Mobile Studio Pro.
  3. See the Microsoft Surface Tablet on their website.
  4. Pick up the Canon Pixma IP110 for great mobile color prints!
  5. Purchase a 32 IN monitor from Best Buy or Amazon.
  6. Here is a handy stand that will support your TV monitor.
  7. Here is a nice stand for your drawing tablet.
  8. Here's a great screen protector for the iPad Pro.
  9. Join our User Group for Live Digital Art on Facebook.
  10. Assorted badge holders for trade shows can be purchased from Amazon.

Remote Caricatures

  1. Download and install the Goofy Faces virtual background when drawing for us in Zoom.
  2. Download and unzip our Goofy Faces 5X7 IN drawing template for virtual events (PSD version)
  3. Download and unzip our Goofy Faces 5X7 IN drawing template for virtual events (Procreate version)
  4. You can download the latest version of the Zoom app from their website.
  5. You can download the latest version of Microsoft Teams from their website.
  6. Watch and share our virtual party tips video with clients and guests.

Face Painters

  1. Face Painters Studyguide can be downloaded and printed for trainees.
  2. Face Painting Samples Book: FacePaintingBook.pdf
  3. Some great examples of fantastic face painting can be viewed on Pinterest.
  4. Our Face Painters can order an entire kit from Silly Farms at a discount by mentioning Goofy Faces. The kit includes:
    • 12 FAB 45 GM Colors of your Choice
    • 3 Gold Grip Paint Brushes
    • 4 Sponges
    • 2 Proof Glitters of your Choice
  5. Face Painters can order a Goofy Faces Apron from Zazzle.